Nissan GT-R Stomps Viper ACR On Drag Strip

Illustration for article titled Nissan GT-R Stomps Viper ACR On Drag Strip

In an indisputable victory for technology over brute force, this video shows the Nissan GT-R laying down a seriously impressive 11.12 second 1/4 mile time, easily outpacing a Dodge Viper ACR.


This is inverse to the two vehicles' Nurburgring laps, where the ACR managed a ZR1-defeating 7:22 lap record; the GT-R’s time is only 7:29.


So how does a 480 HP car weighing 3,814 Lbs accelerate faster than a car with 600 HP that weighs only 3,408 Lbs? We’re guessing the warranty-voiding launch control has something to do with it. [via]

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Ash78, voting early and often

But does launch control really do anything besides dump the clutch at 4,000RPM or so? Shouldn't an ACR driver with a good clutch be able to do the same thing? Or is the difference really the initial AWD hookup?