2009 Dodge Viper ACR Steals Nürburgring Record From Corvette ZR1, Laps In 7:22

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A 2009 Dodge Viper ACR has claimed the fastest time ever for a production car around the Nürburgring. The lap of 7:22 is just a few ticks quicker than the 7:26.4 lap set by the 2009 Corvette ZR1. It doesn't come as much of a surprise, since the ACR is the most brutal version of the already-unforgiving Viper, whereas the ZR1 actually drives well on the road. Nonetheless, the Viper ACR is the new unofficial king of the 'Ring. If you'd like to compare its on-board video of the record lap to the ZR1's video, check it out over at Motor Trend. Looks like Jim Mero may have to head back to Germany and set that faster lap he was talking about after all. [Motor Trend]



Here's the thing i don't get.. i've driven a viper and it's easy to drive.. stupidly easy to drive.. infact the car is so far beyond my limits.. I get scared before I get into trouble and back out of the throttle.

With that said.. most anyone on this board who can drive a stick (and i know there's some douches that can't.. perhaps that's why they call it hard) could drive this car.. and drive it fast.. fast enough to scare the crap out of themselves, without any nanny aids.. mainly because the contact patch covers a good 3' of rubber laterally hanging on the road.

The only reason the viper is hard to drive, is because it lets you get so far beyond your skill level, when something does go wrong, you don't have the skills to compensate and get yourself out of that flying backwards through the pearly gates in a ball of fire scenario..

while most cars will understeer and start to push.. the viper just grips and grips and grips and when you get to the end of that grip you are cornering at such stupid g forces, there is no way in hell that any amount of human skill, let alone computer controlled wizardry is going to keep you from goin sideways through the ruhbarb, and off the nearest cliff.

The viper is like the restraunt at the end of the universe as far as production cars go.. putting in computers would be pointless, because it already handles far past the point where a computer would save you.. drive it at the very edge, and you can see then beginning of time.. take it past the edge and bam.. you've broken the time continuim and well your dead because you haven't been born yet.

The viper is a car you could just put the shifter in 3rd.. weld it in place and just clutch it a little to get moving.. and it'd be a great daily driver.. well.. maybe soften up the suspension a bit.. but still.. it's no harder to drive than a civic with a stick.. but a hell of a lot more fun when you get it to a track.