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Jim Mero: Corvette ZR1 Could Set Even Faster Nürburgring Lap

Talking to Corvette ZR1 engineer Jim Mero during our first drive of the car at GM's proving grounds, we asked him about his record-setting lap of the Nürburgring. He told us if you inspect the video, you can see he probably could have shaved at least half a second off the 7:26.4 lap time if he had just taken a few of the turns better. Then, just to prove the point, Mero took us for a lap around the "Lutz Ring" at Milford. Although Mero was going easy on us, we still flopped around like a rag doll through every turn.


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I EFFING HATE JIM MERO. Only cause I would give anything, including a testicle/lung/kidney (or all three), to have his job.