Nissan Gives You A Discount On The 2017 GT-R By Raising The Price

Remember when the Nissan GT-R had an MSRP of less than $70,000? That was 2008; Flo Rida and T-Pain were getting low, Katy Perry had just kissed a girl. Nine years later, Nissan still makes much the same GT-R, only with a current asking price of $111,585. What’s weird is that Nissan functionally saves you $4,680. Here’s how.


The 2017 GT-R is reportedly a significantly improved version over the 2016 model with a more luxurious interior, a nicer infotainment unit, a new face and an additional 20 horsepower. Not that the GT-R was lacking power.

All these improvements meant Nissan increased the GT-R’s price by $8,220. When you get down to the details, however, the MSRP jump isn’t so bad. In addition to all the aforementioned upgrades, the 2017 GT-R now comes standard with a titanium exhaust, which used to be a $12,900 option exclusively on the NISMO model.

If you include Nissan’s $1,595 destination charge with this year’s new starting price, it’s $111,585 against $103,365 for last year. You can look at this as a massive price jump or you can see it as Nissan is giving you a nice discount on the exhaust and throwing in all the other stuff for free.


Pricing on the other trim levels has not yet been released, but if you didn’t get a GT-R when they first came out, the 2017 model could be the one to own before the car transitions into something else.

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