When New York announced that the Nissan NV200 would be the new NYC Cab, the big question was where's the damn wheelchair-accessible version? Not only do they now have one, but this random Brazilian dude insisted on trying it out for himself.

As the Taxi of Tomorrow, the new NV200 offers great features like a transparent roof, germ-fighting seats, and USB chargers for anyone running out of juice following a long flight. There's a redesigned light cluster that gives more information.

It's FWD and more fuel efficient than most of the outgoing fleet while, they say, still tough enough for life in the big city. Yet, what about the wheelchair-bound in society? They need cabs, too.


This converted version is the first one built and it has a fold-out ramp (it requires the cab driver to get out and move it) that leads to a space in the floor for the chair. There didn't seem to be a ton of luggage space behind this well-spoken, well-dressed mystery man, nor much room for passengers.

We'll have to try it out for ourselves later.