NISMO Nissan Leaf Is The Leaf I Wanted At The Drag Strip

It looks like Nissan's future-predicting brain implants work, since they seem to have taken my desires for a faster Leaf from this past Saturday's drag racing and turned it into a bunch of parts that make the Leaf must less embarrassing on the track. And probably the road.


There's two basic kits: an Aero package and a performance package. The aero package gives the Leaf a bit of a crisper, harder-edged look that improve the aerodynamics of the car and actually add a bit of range, as well as a set of lighter wheels that, according to the robot monkeys at Google translate, "In a sporty design and functional, I was fused at a high level strength and beauty," which sounds sort of like the beginning of an experimental novel about a sentient android.

Even more interesting is the Performance Package which tackles something that I was suspecting was occurring when I was trying to really push the Leaf hard: something was holding it back. That something seems to be the software of the engine controller, and this kit looks to be addressing that. According to the translation:

So that the tuning of the VCM to control high efficiency motor, which is the biggest characteristic of electric vehicles that were developed with innovative technology of "Nissan Leaf", inverter, a large-capacity lithium-ion battery, it is possible to enjoy sports driving more, accelerating force I did change the characteristics of the driving force MAP for the purpose of strengthening.

I'm pretty sure that's just the bad Japanese translation of "it goes faster."


All this sounds pretty good to me. Hey Nissan, why don't you send me one over here (it's JDM only at the moment) so I can show my face without shame at Willow Springs again?

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