Illustration for article titled NHTSA Recalls 2,944 Winnebagos For Electrical Fire Risk

A Winnebago can be a great place to spend a vacation, but for nearly 3,000 2009-2013 models, replacing a fuse with the wrong type could result in, you guessed it, fiery death. We're pretty sure that at this very moment, Winnebago Man is flipping his shit.


Imagine the implications of this. Not only could Winnebago electrical fires potentially endanger human life and cause costly property damage, but it could erase an entire generation of future meth labs from existence. Foom! Just like that.

Hopefully they'll right the problem before it goes unnoticed by too many Winnebago owners. We can't think of too many more terrible ways to go than in a white hot aluminum inferno. The recall is scheduled to begin in 2013, and will affect some Era, View, Via, Itasca, Navion, and Reyo models.

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