"Winnebago Man" Gets A Documentary

If you're an online denizen you've seen Jack Rebney let fly with hilarious strings of outraged profanity in his "Winnebago Man" series of clips. Now his story has been captured in a documentary of the same name. NSFW language.

in 1988 Jack was hired to write and produce an informational and promotional video for Winnebago's product line and while a fully edited commercial was sent to Winnebago, a cut-together outake's reel was passed around members of the crew. Then passed around friends, then it became a cult movie passed around on VHS. Eventually the video made it to Youtube were it's become and instant classic, with over 20 million views since it first appeared in 2005. You can see the original Winnebago Man clip reel here, in all its glory.

The documentary "Winnebago Man" has been winning praise and awards at a variety of film festivals and is set for limited debut July 9th across the United States. The film follows the movie's crew as they go on a journey to figure out just who this guy is and why the heck he was so mad in that video, apparently they find a much more interesting story than they set out for. We'll be watching local art-house theater listings to see it ourselves. [Winnebago Man Film Site]

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I really want to see that, I've never even heard of the guy.