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We wish we could hear Neko Case sing, "A man in Kentucky sure is lucky/To watch drag racing in Bowling Green." Actually, we'd listen to Neko sing the names of the various lures and jigs available for purchase down at the bodega and probably get lost in a sea of bliss and end up making her eggs. Or, alternately, we'd hand her some ear protection and take her to the National Hot Rod Reunion, which is happening this weekend at Beech Bend Raceway Park in Bowling Green. We love the California event, and while Kentucky doesn't have the musty dustiness of Bakersfield and the Buck Owens 'n' Merle Haggard perversely-romantic post-Okie San Joaquin loneliness permeating it, if we were there with Neko, we're sure it'd be a fine and dandy time. Plus, y'know, nitromethane.

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