Mr. Jalopy on the California Hot Rod Reunion

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We've written about our love for the California Hot Rod Reunion before, an event which occurred this past weekend in Bakersfield, but Mr. Jalopy of Hooptyrides fame expresses the allure of the exhibition and its attendant vintage fuelers far more eloquently than we ever could:

"A day at the Hot Rod Reunion is enough to make you consider selling all your worldly possessions and moving into a shotgun shack in outer San Berdoo. A one room, clapboard side house with a black and white TV, a round top refrigerator filled with biscuits, jam and Budweiser, a sagging sofa, a pedestal fan, a wood grain formica dinette with a single chair, jelly jar drinking glasses and NHRA membership. Because, if you had a top fuel, front engine rail in your garage, what else would matter?"


Preach on, Brother Jalopy. Preach on.

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