Nextar Navigation System Includes Extra Feature

I'm (obviously) a bit of a gadget hound, and as a result I have some strong opinions on market trends. For example, I get sick of seeing companies release a relentless number of navigation systems that are all more or less the same. Nextar has stepped into the picture and made me smile by releasing what at first seems like a pretty ho-hum navigation system, until you get to one special feature: a backup camera! And it's an advanced backup camera, to boot!


How advanced? I'm glad you asked. The camera syncs wirelessly with the navigation unit. So long, annoying wires draped all over the car. It's also powered by the reverse rear lights, so it only comes on when you—gasp!—shift into reverse. Prices range from $300 to $600. I have to give props to Nextar—a company that's new to me—for coming out of the gates with something that combats the diarrhea of navigation systems that is my daily life. Ah, the relief. [Nextar via Navigadget]

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