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One of the biggest gripes about aftermarket GPS navigation systems is that there are simply too many choices. Seriously, do you really need to release a new model because it has microSD expandability rather than mere SD? Cut out the gadget diarrhea already. Enter Navigadget, performing a valuable service by breaking down all of the Garmin Nuvi GPS systems in a handy and convenient chart. It covers price, display size, battery life, text-to-speech ability, map choices, Bluetooth, MP3 player, remote control, voice communication, MSN direct, FM transmission and type of memory card slot. This is great, and I'll be the first to give Garmin top honors in the GPS realm, but as the chart suggests, the sheer number of options is a bit much. [Navigadget]


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That's brilliant... i was shopping for a GPS last month, and after 45 minutes of comparing models all i had was a headache. The Garmin marketing department needs to be beaten with a rubber hose until the bleeding stops.