Next Generation Ford Ka Spotted, Looks Surprised

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We're a bit curious how the new Fiat 500-based Ford Ka is going to turn out, especially given how much we like the bizarre dimensions of the Mk. 1 Ka every time we see a Central American one driving down I-10. Will it stay true to its original form or is it destined for a boring, but more acceptable design? A new set of spy shots seems to indicate that the answer to that question is what we want to hear.


The folks at World Car Fans got ahold of four shots of the next generation Ka testing in Southern Europe, and from what we can see it looks like the designers are headed in the right direction. The camouflage does conceal the new grille and headlight assembly, but the overall layout of the Ka is clear. Bulging rear end? Check. Stubby nose? Check. Huge disparity between front and rear wheel size? CHECK! [World Car Fans]

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Ash78, just done until Kinja is fixed for good

Man, the only cool cars I ever get cameraphone pics of around here are the donks.

A couple days ago I got a Town Car with frame lift on 26" chrome.