More Bounce to the Ounce: Hecklerspray on the Ford Ka Mk. 1

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Has Laverty gone a tad soft in the noggin? We get the feeling that Hecklerspray's auto columnist was born a wee bit daft, but this time he goes positively 'round the bend over the first iteration of Ford's diminutive Ka. Especially troubling is the Ka's relative newness, but we also know that cars don't seem to hold on as long in Blighty as they do in the Sunbelt. So it could be that ol' Chris is simply running out of suitable old beaters to write about. That said, he insists that serviceable Kas can be found for under a thousand quid, and we quote, "It smiles constantly, radiates low-price chic (body-colour bumpers notwithstanding) and makes 60 BHP feel like 160."


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