​Next Bugatti Hypercar Will Use Veyron's W16

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Bugatti has put the Veyron out to pasture after a decade, but a new hypercar is coming, using the same W16 engine capable of sucking in all the world's oxygen at full throttle.


Tonight in Geneva, Bugatti boss Wolfgang Dürheimer announced that the automaker is working on a successor to the Veyron that will be "more powerful, and more breathtaking", and faster than its predecessor, using the same quad-turbocharged W16.


This jibes with previous reports that Bugatti's next car is in the works and would use the existing engine to boost output from 1,200 HP in the range-topping SuperSport to 1,500 HP, possibly through the addition of a hybrid drive system.

The name of Bugatti's next baby could be the "Chiron", taking the name of the marque's former hotshoe Louis Chiron. But there's still no word on how long it will be in development or when oil barons can start placing deposits.

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Tipo Stradale Fever

You´ve got to hand it to VAG. They lost over 6 Million dollar per Veyron and it took them just under 10 years to sell 450 of them. And, instead of calling it quits they´re actually developing a successor. A persistent bunch, that´s for sure.