New York Times adopts Jalopnik-coined term "Booth Professional"

Using the term "Booth Babe" to refer to the models selected to stand next to cars at auto shows always seemed a bit patronizing to us so we coined the term "Booth Professional." Now a reporter from The New York Times has seen the light.

Way back in 2008 our own Ben Wojdyla had a moment of inspiration and attached the term "Booth Professional" to a gallery of the helpful men and woman who provide a welcome accessory to newly revealed automobiles.


Since then we haven't looked back and have encouraged others to use this more respectful, descriptive term.

Unfortunately, the NYT's own Tokyo-based reporter Hiroko Tabuchi didn't get the memo and used her Twitter account for a "Booth Babe" tweeting spree.


Alas, before we could cry foul former NYTer and current badass Micki Maynard reached out to correct her.

From that point on Tabuchi switched over to the more correct "Booth Professional."


A small and silly victory, for sure, and we can only hope she was shooting pics of all the "Booth Professionals" for a story on the smiling car ladies that'll appear in The Gray Lady soon.

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