Booth Professionals Of The 2008 Geneva Motor Show

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One of the many drawbacks to the auto show system is that there are so many people trying to get access to a car that, occasionally, one of them ends up in the shot. This is especially true of the professionals who are responsible for aiding in the display of the more important models. We call them booth professionals. Every time you try to get a shot of a new car, there's one of them pouting her lips, arching her back or leaning seductively against something. It's a rough life. But rather than let the photos go to waste we've included them here in a gallery so that you can see the hardships we must endure as automotive journalists. Pity us.


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Rob Emslie

With the exception of the Alfa 159, these models outshine their consort cars. And that is in now way a dunning of the Afla model, just a very pretty car,