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New York Auto Show: Chevrolet's Minicars — Which One Should They Build?

Illustration for article titled New York Auto Show: Chevrolets Minicars — Which One Should They Build?

We took a look at the three minicars Chevrolet unwrapped at the New York show: The Beat, Groove and Trax. All three are smaller than a jar of cornishons, but each one follows a distinctive style path. The Beat is a sporty hatch, not far from Chevy's WTCC concept; the Trax sports "active lifestyle" pretensions; and the Groove is the European urbo-hipster finished in a trendy matte coat and wearing the new face of Chevy. Chevrolet is taking its own poll on which of the three US car buyers like the most, at But since our own polling indicates Jalopniks are not so into corporate polling, we're doing a poll of our own. Which one would you buy if you were considering a minicar. Comment in the comments, natch.



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New York Auto Show: Chevy Leverages The Sexual Appeal Of Faux Hipsters, Reveals Trio Of Minicars; GM Releases Info on Minicar Concepts for Real [internal]

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jrlombard your comment holds no facts in supporting your point. If you are going to just through out words of war against GM post figures not just what you think. Comments are only valuable at bashing when held up by facts and figures.

I personal work at a Chevrolet Dealership. The aveo does great new and used. We sell several each month and usualy have a shortage in stock. I think these vehicle would be great second gen aveo's. I like the groove the best myself.

But remember my grandfather always driving me in his vega. Was going to give me the car on my 18 bday, but years of waiting for me to hit the magic age left wasp to build massives hives in the engine bay.