New York Auto Show: 2008 Lexus LX 570

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The latest Lexus big boy rolled out earlier today, amid cries of "they still make that?" Indeed, they do, and it's getting Toyota's new 5.7-liter I-Force V8 producing 381 horsepower and and 400 lb-ft of torque, which will tug 2,000 more pounds of trailer, at 8,000 pounds. That means all that much more capacity for bringing furs out of cold storage or loads of Cuban cigars hidden in cans of Maxwell House. Still, it does get a new driver-assistance video system that employs exterior-mounted cameras to provide several wide-angle views to eliminate blind spots. Look for it in your local Neiman Marcus parking lot in early 2008.


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Derivative? I'm gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you there.. It's a box on wheels with a Rav4 (Toyota, lest you forget) influenced grille. What's derivative about it?

If it's anything like the LX470, this will be the most capable off-roader for the price. (Factory locking front, center, and rear diffs, low range, toughly built..) Now, the original owners won't be taking it off road, but in 10 years look for 'em on the Rubicon, likely with the interior stripped.