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When we were just a wee Jalopnik, we saw Robin Williams in Santa Monica rocking it behind the wheel of a burgundy Toyota Land Cruiser. We waved and waved and yelled and waved but he wouldn't even so much as look at us. Still, the then-rare Toyota made an impression on our young pistonhead mind. Rich people drive big trucks. If the year hadn't been 1989, Mr. Williams would no doubt have spent his Popeye money on a Lexus LS 470. Trouble was, they weren't on the market yet. When the LS 470 did appear, wealthy folks in gated communities everywhere bought them by the bushel. But then Tony Soprano started driving his GMC Yukon and suddenly SUVs were the new frappuccino. The LS 470 (along with its sibling hardcore off-roader that never goes off-road, the Land Cruiser) became the redheaded stepchild of ToMoCo. Too weird to live and to rare to refreshen. Until now, sorta. For $410 over sticker (yes, $410) you can now wow 'em at the country club with the Limited Edition Lexus LS 470. If you have to ask...

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