The latest update in the Max Mosley Nazi orgy sex video scandal is the FIA has set a date of June 3rd for a General Assembly meeting of the FIA Senate, in which there is expected to be a vote of no confidence in Mosley. But to be fair, we kind of expected that. What we didn't expect was that the High Court of London would refuse Mosley's injunction against gossip rag News of the World. The injunction saw the removal of the sex video of Mosley engaging in various acts with five prostitutes, but now that the injunction has been refused NotW has restored the video and reports visits to their web site have increased 600%. Well, we could have told them a Nazi sex orgy video starring a Formula 1 chief would be good for traffic. So, better question is what the new video shows us. Well, it's not so much what we can see as it is what we can hear.

The audio stream has Mosley talking like ze Germans he seemingly fantasizes about — except since his understanding of the German language is at about the ninth-grade high school level, he ends up talking mitt ze accent zan mitt ze German vords. That's right, he says some lines which we're sure will now become classic, like:

"Ze need more of ze punishment I think."


"You are doing good job. Zank you."

Don't believe us? Watch the new video above. But anyway, let's recap here — in case you're an F1 fan who's been living in a cave. Here's where we're at — Formula One main man Max Mosley was caught on video in a Nazi sex orgy with five, count 'em, five hookers. Next, his Jewish boss Bernie Ecclestone, pulled a Tammy Wynette, standing by Max. Then the Bahrain Royal Family said they didn't want a perpetrator of nazi sex orgies showing up at their Grand Prix. Then Max Mosley apologized. Didn't much matter as the ADAC and KNAF then asked for Mosley's resignation. Then we found out Mosley's a fighter, not a runner. And — oh wait, that's it. We guess the Max Mosley Death Watch continues. [NotW via World Car Fans]