F1 Boss Max Mosley Caught With Five Hookers In "Nazi Orgy" Video Scandal

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FIA President Max Mosley has been caught on film allegedly taking part in what UK tabloid News of the World has characterized as a "Nazi orgy." Although we initially thought it was the world's zaniest April Fool's joke, we were wrong. Sick and wrong. During the five-hour video, which the tabloid also has in possession (and which we have had a quick clip from up top*) Mosley appears to be both dominated and submitting to the five hookers, who NOTW alleges were dressed both as Nazis and concentration camp prisoners. The 67-year-old, who has been married for 48 years, was at one point whipped so hard that the orgy had to be halted while a bandage was applied to stop his bleeding.


The orgy characterized by NOTW as having a "Nazi theme" took place on Friday at a $4 million apartment-cum-dungeon near Mosley's home in London's upscale Chelsea neighborhood.

As President of FIA, Mosley is responsible for overseeing international motor sports, including Formula One. He enjoys a close relationship with F1 Supremo Bernie Ecclestone.

Mosley's father Oswald was a notorious fascist and Hitler supporter. Max has been controversially linked to his father's beliefs.

Kicking off the orgy by playing a detainee, Mosley had both his genitals and head inspected for lice, in a way reminiscent to portrayals of incoming concentration camp detainees, before lying to the hookers to purposefully bring about a severe beating. After the session ended, the girls enjoyed a glass of wine. Mosley was offered one as well, but turned it down in favor of a cup of tea. It's not known what ramifications this will have on Mosley's career or the sport he governs. [Via News Of The World]

UPDATE: Mosley got to keep his job despite acknowledging he participated in an encounter with sex workers in a basement apartment in London. On top of that, Mosley also headed to the UK courts to claim characterizations of Nazi overtones by NOTW were completely invalid, and even if they were valid, it was done in the privacy of someone else's home. UK High Court judge David Eady apparently agreed on both of those counts. In a ruling hailed by the former Archbishop of Canterbury as a 'dangerous precedent' undermining public morality, the News of the World must now pay Mosley $120,000 in damages, plus legal costs of an estimated $1.7 million, for making the claim. Thanks to legal threats from Mosley's attorneys waving about Eady's ruling, we've removed the NOTW video from our own site, or else face similar attacks on our own free speech.


Wes Siler

@nick2ny: Oh come on Nick. Both you and I love F1 racing.

Basically, Mosley 'Governs' a significant aspect of our lives. Is it not important and relevant that the guy is living out sexual fantasies of a life he's been claiming to have left behind?

Is this the kind of person that should be the public head of such a huge enterprise?

Sure, it's unseemly, but it's a visual demonstration of an important public figure's true hypocritic nature.