New Jersey F1 Race That Is Never Going To Happen Might Happen

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A New York City area F1 race has been discussed for years. I've consistently maintained that it will never happen for a myriad of reasons. After weeks of wondering, the FIA has included the race on its calendar in a provisional slot. Now we'll see if it actually happens.

The provisional space for the Grand Prix of America lists its date as June 1st, right before the Canadian GP and just days after the Monaco Grand Prix. That means that the people behind the race have a lot of work to do, like repaving all the roads and finishing the F1 garages.


Thing is, this race and similar ones have been talked about for years. They're always about to happen, and then fall through at the last minute. People do surveying, they lay out a track, and then after a bunch of talks the same thing happens: The race falls through.

Probably because people who don't love F1 don't want to be inconvenienced for a week. The NJ GP is listed as provisional, which is a way of saying it could still be taken off.

I bet it gets taken off. If it doesn't though, I'll gladly eat those words and go to the race.

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Ron Calls on his years of experience....and freezes at the controls

I'd like to approach this from a different direction.

Who is actually paying the race fee?In these circumstances it's normal for a city to cough up the enormous fee and justify it with claims of 'increased tourism','it'll put us on the map',etc. Such claims are always accompanied by a dodgy as all hell feasibility study that any 5 y.o child could see right through.Anyway what i'm saying is,if new jersey can come up with the money,then anything is possible.Bernie will fit them in somewhere.

So do they have the spare cash lying about?Can they come up with it?Do you guys think they are really serious?