Illustration for article titled New Jersey F1 Race That Was Never Going To Happen Isnt Going To Happen

Every few years F1 says that it is going to race near New York City. It's actually supposed to happen in 2014. I have always maintained that this race will never happen. Guess what? Yeah. It ain't happenin'.


F1 Supremo Bernie Ecclestone has now said that the organizers of the grand prix at Port Imperial have not raised enough money for the event. The official FIA calendar doesn't come out until December, but the Grand Prix of the Americas doesn't seem to have a chance of being on the calendar.


These are not the first roadblocks that F1 in the New York area has hit. This most recent race was supposed to run in 2013, but was pushed back due to lack of funding as well. It's sad because I want to walk out my door and hear the V8 wail of F1 machinery.

I think a bigger problem is that the residents might not want to see F1 in their towns. An F1 weekend would block off streets and access to homes, and these are people that commute to New York City. It'll be a logistical nightmare.

Well, it would, if it were happening. But it isn't. So it won't.

I imagine it'll go on and off a few more times between now and December and between December and the race date, but I still believe it'll never come to fruition.

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