The New Jersey Formula One Grand Prix is back on, according to the people backing the New Jersey Formula One Grand Prix. Sadly, in the world of F1 that doesn't always mean very much.

The news comes from New Jersey's Star-Ledger. They report that Leo Hindery, the NJ/NYGP backer claims he's secured a 15 year contract with F1's resident muppet and bribery suspect Bernie Ecclestone.


Hindrey gave no other specifics about the deal, other than it would be sometime in June 2014 and Ecclestone declined to comment.

I'm not alone in desperately wanting another US grand prix, particularly on a high speed street circuit looking out over the Manhattan skyline. I rode shotgun to Sebastian Vettel as he whipped around the track layout and I can say it feels pretty righteous. That said, Ecclestone has ended an agreement with Hincliffe before and could do it again.


Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove

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