New Formula Aero Mesh Wheel From SSR Is The Throwback Look Your Car Needs This Summer

Last week Japanese wheel manufacturer SSR launched a new 3-piece wheel design they’re calling Formula Aero Mesh, a variant of their existing Formula line of track-oriented wheels. The Formula Mesh wheel design has been modified to accept an aero-style wheel center for smoother airflow over the wheels, as well as total throwback good looks. This might be the most exciting new wheel design to be released in years.


This modular wheel has an aesthetic versatile enough to look great on cars from the 80s up into the 2000s. Available in 16, 18, and 19 inch sizes, this wheel can fit a large variety of wheel openings. I can envision a 16" set on something like an AW11 MR2, and a 19" set might look good on something like a Porsche Cayman. Either way, these wheels are available in a ton of widths and offsets to fit your favorite car.

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Prices, as shown above, range from around $530 per wheel to nearly $1000 per wheel. They certainly are not inexpensive, but SSR is known for quality aftermarket wheels, and have always carried a heavy price tag. Speaking of heavy, though individual wheel weights have not been released by SSR, these don’t appear to be particularly light weight. But perhaps that’s the price you must pay for the coolest wheels at your local Cars ‘n Coffee?

Not a lot is known about these SSR Formula Aero Mesh wheels as yet. The wheel design is apparently ready to order in Japan, but has not even been mentioned on SSR’s US social media outlets. If you’re looking to get a set, maybe you’ll have to learn to read a bit of kanji. Or, you know, trust in Google’s translate service.  

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No 14s or 15s? Also, 4x114.3 in special order only? So much for using these on my vintage JDMs.