BBS Built The Radical RK Wheel For Maximum Cool

Glenn Snyder posing with his BMW M6 on BBS RKs at Radwood. Photo By Manuel Carrillo III.
Glenn Snyder posing with his BMW M6 on BBS RKs at Radwood. Photo By Manuel Carrillo III.

This is a simple wheel design, but it’s so crisp and clean that it works on many different cars, marking the sign of a good vintage wheel design. While this is a very 1990s design style with curved surfaces, prominent center cap logos, and simple split-spoke sensibilities, the BBS RK works quite well in juxtaposition to 80s wedge and straight edged automobile designs.

I’ve owned a few sets of this wheel, and it has become my favorite BBS design. I put a set on a MkIII Toyota Supra, and absolutely love them on Saabs. They are not particularly rare or difficult to find for sale, though they came in many different sizes and offsets, so getting the right offset for your car may take some marque-specific forum hunting.

Image Source: Ebay
Image Source: Ebay

The set shown here is a 17x8.5” set intended for BMW models with a 5x120 bolt pattern, just like the set on Glenn’s M6 in the lead photograph. With a standard 15mm offset, these will fit E30 M3 , E32 7 series, E24 6 series, E31 8 series, E28 5 series, and E34 5 series. They’d look great on all of those models, to boot! If you’re looking for a fresh new look for your old Bimmer, check out this listing. The seller wants a lot of money for this set, two grand plus shipping, but they were freshly refurbished and look stellar.

What is your favorite aftermarket wheel from the ‘80s and ‘90s? I’ll bring you more of mine next weekend.

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