Funny people and cars are pretty much all you need for quality television, right? Of course I'm right. So this show, Car Matchmaker (on the Esquire channel), starring a former Letterman/Simpsons/Seinfeld writer who loves cars and helps match people up with the right car has to be gold. I mean, it better be.

Here's a full disclosure, while we're at it: I'm going to be on an episode of this show as a sort of car "expert." Stop laughing, you. It stings. Doing the episode let me get a lot of time to talk to the host, Spike Feresten, about cars.

I'm happy to say this isn't some pampered jackass with a lot of brand snobbery; the guy has some really interesting car tastes. At the taping I was at, he had driven his old, nicely restored Land Rover, and it was absolutely lovely. I haven't actually seen any of the episodes just yet, but I can at least say that the host knows something about cars and genuinely loves them.

I'm sure many of us get asked to help people pick cars all the time, so it's possible this show may provide some decent suggestions on how to handle that well. We'll have to see.

Give it a watch, why not?