New Andrew WK Show Is Using A Lot Of Crap From My Workshop

Okay, this isn't strictly car-related, but I bet there's some car parts in there somewhere. See, a friend of mine does set dressing, and she's working on Andrew WK's new kids' show (!), Meet Me At The Wreck. There's an alien in the show, and to dress up his "lab," I gave her a bunch of crap from my shed.


The alien is played by that guy from The Office and now Silicon Valley, Zach Woods, and a whole bunch of the crap he'll be surrounded by was once taking up space in my shed, lingering under the optimistic dream that I'll find a use for it someday.

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Also, the show claims to have a Sasquatch.

So, again, forgive that this isn't so car-related, but I'm just pleased that things like the rusty old metal pinhole camera I welded together in college and piles of circuit boards and 1/12th-scale recreations of the Mir's interior walls (complete with working video screen), and various other bits of scientific glassware and random metal crap will now have a new job helping to educate America's future.

Or, if not that, at least maybe they'll be something that the guy from Silicon Valley keeps accidentally knocking over with his elbow.

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