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The Ferrari 599 Fiorano has 620 raging italian stallions under the hood, providing the power to throw down a 0-60 time of 3.6 seconds. Additionally, although the 599's built off the Scaglietti's body — and it's got the looks to prove it — unlike the Scag, the 599's able to reach the top speed of 205 mph because of the car's all-aluminum construction, providing a power-weight ratio of only 5.7 pounds per horsepower. But what's the website Sybarites think really makes the 599 Ferrari's new hotness?

The most interesting feature is...

...that the car will come with an iPod dock connector connection as standard so you will be able to plug your iPod in and listen to it on the Fiorano's Bose speakers straight away.

Advertisement's the bloody iPod cable — why didn't we think of that? [Hat tip to Rick]

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