Steve Jobs Speaks: The IPod Is The Thing In 70% Of Cars

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Our gadget-obsessed brother blog is all over Apple's announcement, live-blogging Steve Jobs every facial expression today, so head on over if you're looking for some of that action. We're just happy Jobs started off talking about the most important place you use your iPod — your car. Jobs made an interesting comment:

"70 percent of the new cars sold in the US offer iPod connectivity as an option."


That's true — 70% of car models do offer it, but how many of them come equipped with it — and does showing a Chrysler 300 make sense, especially considering the well documented issue of the loss of aux-in when you go for the upgraded radio? Also, aren't they kind of pushing MyGig almost as a competitor to the iPod — at least in the car space? Just asking — maybe the Giz'll have the answers for us later on.

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