Sen. John Ensign (R-Nevada) told CNBC this morning he's not happy with the auto bailout bill. The Senator from Vegas is so unhappy he's willing to gamble on a real bankruptcy occurring while he tries to figure out how to make a pre-packaged bankruptcy occur. But don't think Ensign's making his decision on high-minded principles.


Later in the interview he was more than willing to agree to funds for the gaming industry, because "they employ more." Let's ignore for a moment Ensign's lack of understanding of the difference between a primary industry and a service / support industry. Let's also ignore the Senate Finance Committee member's ignorance of the term "indirect job." In fact, let's agree with the Senator that yes, the travel and hotel industry does employ more direct jobs than the automakers. But, let's not ignore what Ensign's ignoring: Guess where all those Strip-walkin' Midwestern beer-cozy-carrying union workers won't be visiting if the not-so-Big Three go under? [via CNBC]

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