Nevada DMV Is Offering Special Plates For Autonomous Cars

One of our readers was taking his daughter to the DMV for her driver's test (she passed!) when he noticed these personalized license plate options: ones for 'driverless' and 'requires a driver' autonomous cars. I think these are the first plates of their kind in the US.

The design of the plates plays up the techno-world-of-tomorrow reality of robot cars, using a slightly more techy geometric/bold/sans-serif typeface for "NEVADA." It's especially striking when compared against the fuzzy-letter-iron-on look of the Cooper Black text on the plate next to it, with the puppies and kittens.


The plate also sports a stylized infinity symbol, which looks remarkably like the Mario Kart 8 logo. It looks like you're only allowed five characters for your autonomous car's personalized plate, which is really pretty limited. You can't do ROBOCAR, CARBOT, SELFDRV, or anything like that. I guess you could do ROBOT, HAL9K, or maybe NODVR.

I'm not really clear why the infinity symbol was chosen for this — it sort of has a scientific/technological connotation, I guess, and maybe an autonomous car could get caught in an infinite loop?


I wonder if you have to have proof your car is autonomous, or could you get one of these plates for your '79 Dart?

(Thanks, Jamie!)

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