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Ever felt as if you needed more 'Murica in your Twitter bio? Like you've been out-'Murica'd by France? This Twitter bio generator is here to fix that in true NASCAR fan style, for freedom, 4x4s, country music, sweet tea and Junior. #RACE4CHASE. Boogity.


Because Twitter bios need to be somewhat realistic, they've even included typos into the mix. Behold, a sampling of the fine 140-character descriptors you could use:

#NRA racing fan named Sara BIG FAN OF The Cope Twins. sweet tea, Jesus first, and Football. CHEER The Cope Twins ROCKS 4 EVER #DRIVEN

#RACE4CHASE Redneck named Joy BIG FAN Jeff Green. bbq, 4x4, and Alan Jackson. BOOGITY Jeff Green IS MY FAVORITE 4 LIFE #NFB

#NFB WHATS UP I AM Melvin i like Bobby. Florda Georga Line, USA, and ACDC. LETS GO Bobby EMPIRE tweeted me #NFB

#DRIVE4THECHASE HEY I AM Curtis IM A FAN OF Penske Racing. Girls, #3, and Nickelback. GO Penske Racing FAN retweeted me #NASCAR

#HOLLA just a man called Gwendolyn i love Ricky Bobby. drag racing, Florida Georgia Line, and Racing. GO Ricky Bobby CHASE 2015 ABOVE ALL #RACE4CHASE


YEAH RICKY BOBBY CHASE 2015! It's like everything about the deep, deep South made into a delicious casserole of words. (I'd say it's more delicious than your average casserole, seeing as most large-pan-based creations at church dinners and funerals are pretty terrifying.)

The best part about racing fans is that they know how to poke fun at themselves. This bio generator was a collaboration between fans @bite and @turbojunker, and it's by far the funniest thing I've seen all week.

So, what's your NASCAR fan bio? Tinker with this and show us below. Football!

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