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Photo credit: Getty Images

Contrary to the weather’s behavior, God does not hate NASCAR. Rather, God was probably just as annoyed by all the bratty kids named “Kyle” in your elementary school class as you were, and just did one NASCAR fan a solid. One fan pledged to name his kid after yesterday’s winner at Pocono and surprise, it’s a Chris.


The one catch: dad Jose Gravez wasn’t a big fan of the name “Kyle.” Kyle Larson and Kyle Busch may seem like good dudes, but this fan wasn’t having it.

But yesterday’s rain-shortened race at Pocono was a blast to watch, with drivers going all-out as if any of the laps could be the last one. That’s the deal with rain: if it starts to fall, your last lap gets dictated by Mother Nature because NASCAR has no rain tires for their ovals.

Thus, rookie Chris Buescher landed an upset win, completely defying every prediction anyone had going into this race. Christopher is also just a nice, normal name, more so than a lot of the people who have raced in NASCAR.

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