NASCAR Driver Accuses Other NASCAR Driver Of Stealing Her Trailer

NASCAR Truck racer Jennifer Jo Cobb accused NASCAR driver Mike Harmon of stealing her $279,000 race car transporter yesterday. Harmon claimed innocence in a somewhat surprising Twitter outburst.

Cobb reported the transporter stolen yesterday and estimated it and its content's worth at $279,000. Yahoo! reports that Cobb told the authorities that Harmon and Sheila Rae Rice were responsible for the theft. The Rowan County Sheriff's Office issued warrants for the arrest of Harmon and Rae Rice for felony larceny and breaking and entering.


Harmon used to be team manager for Cobb when Cobb ran in the NASCAR Nationwide series. Curiously, this is not the first time that Cobb reported one of her vehicles stolen by a person associated with her team.

At Daytona Speedweek, Cobb reported her van stolen from a restaurant parking lot. Shortly after the report, a man named David Novak contacted the police and provided evidence that the van was in fact his and not Cobb's. Novak was in litigation with Cobb at the time over the ownership of Cobb's race team.

Last night, Harmon took to Twitter to claim his innocence.


Nascarcasm summed up the issue best in this tweet.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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