Mystical Papercraft Wizard Makes Pagani Zonda Out Of Paper

Unless you're making a VW Thing or a Citroen FAF or maybe a K Car, making cars out of paper is hard. The sleeker and curvier the car, the harder.


That's never stopped Taras Lesko, the man who made the papercraft Veyron. He's back, now with a new papercraft Pagani Zonda. And this isn't some print-it-out-at-lunch-and-stick-it-on-your-monitor thing. This motherlover's over tabletop sized.

The Zonda's an especially impressive model to make, what with all the vents and scoops and inner-and-undercuts and sweeping arcs and wings and mirrors.

Kits are only about two bucks, and there's a free trial kit. So, if anyone's planning to start a new life as a shut-in, I can't think of a better way than building one of these.

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