Mystery Lamborghini Once More Thrills And Excites The Very Core Of Our Being

This is Lamborghini. A certainty. A possibility? Perhaps more. Could it be more? Maybe it could be more? Or.........less.

There is talk around the Internet. I’m hearing things. I’m reading things. I’m looking at things. Internet things. Lamborghini things.

It’s the Huracán. A Huracán. Yes. Maybe? A Huracán Superleggera. A Huracán, but less. A Huracán, but in a way, if you look at it sideways, is it not more?


But perhaps this is not what it seems. We don’t know. Certainly it looks like a Huracán Superleggera. Certainly it could be a Huracán Superleggera, but we don’t know. It could be a secret too dark for our understanding. A pit too deep to dig. An othering. An engine mule of unthinkable proportion, or a systems development tool for a device not yet known to us. In a year, two years, five years, perhaps we’ll look back on this and think of how naive we all were. How little we knew. How much has changed. The sound. The ever-present sound. In horror we shudder at the world before and know that this camouflaged mystery car was the very start of something great and cruel in equal and incomprehensible measure. A government program unhinged, uncontrollable, self-contained and beyond our understanding. A beast. A shadowbeast. A beast, living in the shadows.

Or maybe it’s just a faster, lighter Lamborghini Huracán. Who knows.

(Hat tip to Danny!)

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Inside information suggests it is in fact a heavily disguised test mule for the next Toyota Prius. With a clever sound system to distract journalists.