Mystery Lamborghini Continues To Thrill And Excite The Very Core Of Our Being

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Here is another Lamborghini. Probably one that will happen very soon. But it’s definitely more than what we’re used to. Much..........more.

Look at it zoom, swish through the air, across the pavement. Its wheels spinning, spinning so fast. Dizzying. Rotation. Carrying that heavy, blocky body on its way to greatness.


And where is this greatness? When the heavens open up and the sunlight pours through and the birds fly free and the grasses grow and the brooks babble and the air is sweet and the mountains are high and the wind is strong and the temperature is purrrrfect... this is where you will find the mysterious Lamborghini.

It will have a name. It has a name. A name summoned from within the deep bowels of the Balrog’s lair. A name of power. A name to be feared by those brave enough to even utter it.

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Kristen Lee

Writer at Jalopnik and consumer of many noodles.