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MyGig Has A Hard Drive, How About Yours?

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

One of our biggest beefs with most car stereos is the inability to hook up our beatiful black Video iPod. Unless it's got an aux input, the tangle of wires and fm transmitters we normally need to connect our tunes to our ride gets real old, real fast — especially when you're hooking up with a gal in the front seat and she starts to try to get in close — and gets caught in the wires or jams her elbow into your transmitter. Talk about a total mood-killer. Well, Chrysler has hit a new bar in trying to provide a way for us to get the Burt Bacharach tunes to drive the ladies wild pumping through our speakers. It's the MyGig — a 20GB hard drive embedded in the dashboard for ripping CDs, storing navigation data and all sorts of other fun stuff — including the necessary aux input. You'd expect this type of a system in a $40,000 luxury car — but you can have this in the new $25,000 Chrysler Sebring — as well as two other vehicles in the price range (the upcoming Dodge Nitro and the Jeep Wrangler) Check it all out after the jump.


An Aux input. A necessity for those of us jamming to the iPod.

An AM/FM radio. An oldie, but a goodie.

A CD/DVD player. It plays DVDs on the back seat's optional display or on the front-seat LCD when the car is parked.


Embedded Sirius satellite radio. It's a single chip in the radio, instead of a separate module, with real-time traffic reporting and the ability to route you around a traffic tie-up.

A 20GB hard drive. The drive is ruggedized for automotive use.

A USB jack. You use it for transferring music from memory keys. Also, a line-in jack for playing music off portable players. Unlike Fiat's Blue&Me LINK and several replacement radios, this is for flash-based keys only, not music players. There's no dedicated iPod controller option, though.

Two audio outputs. One goes to the car's speakers, the second to the rear-seat headphones if buyers opt for the console-mounted rear-seat LCD display.

Bluetooth hands-free calling. It's called U-Connect by Chrysler.

A 6.5-inch LCD panel. It also has a touchscreen and voice control.

Chrysler MyGiG Hard Drive for Navigation, Music

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On the Dodge Caliber — the aux jack is on the standard lowest-end radio.