But Somehow Dodge's iPod Connection Is Made

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Back when one of us was but a wee lad, we remember getting our first rock-n-roll hard-on from Justine Frischmann of Elastica. Frischmann and the new Brit invasion to us seemed to pop up outta nowhere, and so did we. What can we say, we were all about that sneer, man. She was just so totally tomboy-bad-ass-hot when she bared her teeth for the cam. We wanted nothing more than to "Line Up" and make our own "Connection" with her. In New York this past week we had the opportunity to step inside the what we thought was the base model of Dodge's new entry-level Caliber CUV, and we were afraid a similar connection wasn't true for its iPod holder. We noticed something rather peculiar...

about the not-as-nice-as-Neon replacement. It had the awesome iPod holder in the arm rest, but didn't seem to have an aux input jack for us to plug it into the radio. It appeared if you wanted to rock the Brit alt-rock from your iPod, you'd have to drop an extra arm or leg for some kind of optional add-on. Seeking confirmation for this silly li'l option issue, we went to Dodge's Caliber web site.

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

We found something really odd. It seems the base model has the aux input jack, but the advanced add-on options of "AM/FM Radio with Cassette, CD, 6-Disc Changer & MP3" (an extra $420) and the "AM/FM Stereo Radio w/In-Dash 6-Disc CD/MP3 Player" (an extra $320) don't have jack when it comes to aux jacks. WTF? Aren't you supposed to get more options when you pay more money? This appears to be one of those cases where mo' money paid means mo' problems made. Puffy and Biggie were right.

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