Mustang RTR: An RTR-C Without The Carbon Fiber, Insane Price

Do you like the all-carbon fiber Mustang RTR-C but lack deep enough pockets to buy one? You're in luck. There's also this non-carbon-fiber Mustang RTR that's considerably cheaper, still drifts as hard, AND it'll be a dealer-installable kit.


So it doesn't have the ridiculous carbon fiber body, but that's okay. It does have performance shocks, 1.5" lower suspension, stiffer rear anti-roll bar, cross-drilled brake rotors, a 9 HP bump from a Ford Racing K&N intake and freer-flowing exhaust and performance Falken tires on fancy wheels. You also get a pretty cool chin spoiler, paint and rear spoiler. The package will be available as a dealer installed option and will most certainly not come close to the RTR-C's $135,000 asking price. [Mustang RTR, Speed Hunters]

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Jonathan Harper

WOW. Another mustang variant with LAME upgrades.

When will it end?

When o when. #mustang