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Mustang RTR-C: A $135,000 Carbon Fiber Super-'Stang

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Drift-master Vaughn Gittin Jr. has build an all carbon fiber-body, 550 HP monster called the Mustang RTR-C, debuting at SEMA. Since it turned out so well, he's decided to sell ten to the public — for $135,000 each.

The car was built by Autosport Dynamics (ASD) in Charlotte, NC and aside from the crazy dry carbon fiber body, it also features goodies like in-car adjustable shocks, and carbon fiber HRE wheels. If you're interested in some serious weight savings in a Mustang, get your wallet ready cause the ten available for public consumption will cost $135,000. These are just teaser images now, but we'll try to take a look when it debuts this week at SEMA. [Mustang RTR-C, Speedhunters]