Mustang Driver Blames Squirrel For Crash

Photo Credits: West Shore Regional Police Department


A Pennsylvania Mustang driver careened into an unoccupied parked car in the very Pennsylvanian-named Wormleysburg Borough on Saturday, the local Cumberland crime watch reported. The cause for the crash, according to the driver, was a squirrel:

The 24 year old male told officers that he was traveling from Porsha Terrace on to West Foxcroft Drive when a squirrel ran out in front of him. He tried to avoid striking the squirrel and lost control of his vehicle. The vehicle then slid into an unoccupied parked vehicle causing moderate damage to both.


Certainly the squirrel is at fault here. Not the guy who can’t safely drive a Mustang down the street without losing it into a parked car. Nah. Nope.

According to witnesses, the driver was going at a high rate of speed before losing it. Hm.


The West Shore Regional Police Department cited the driver for ‘Driving Vehicle at Safe Speed,’ and there were no injuries from the crash.

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