Hungary has given the world many wonderful things, but perhaps the most wonderufl Hungarian thing of all is this 400 horsepower Audi V8-powered go kart, driven by a mulleted man in boxers and sandals.

Let me see if I can tally up this videos' Hoon Score.

There are definitely minus 5 points for no helmet, minus 5 points for no seatbelts of any kind, and minus 5 points for being on open public roads. However, I have to award 12 points for the Eastern European redneck getup (no shirt +4, no pants +6, no proper shoes +2). There are plus 27 points for a homebuilt vehicle, plus 3 points for the unusual engine configuration. Another 7 points for dirt road dorifto and the video scores a healthy 34 on the Hoon-O-Meter.

So please congratulate driver Zsolt Farkas on his feat of hoonage.

(Hat tip to agrajag!)