Mullet? Check. Boxers And Sandals? Check. Audi V8 Go Kart? Check.

Hungary has given the world many wonderful things, but perhaps the most wonderufl Hungarian thing of all is this 400 horsepower Audi V8-powered go kart, driven by a mulleted man in boxers and sandals.

Let me see if I can tally up this videos' Hoon Score.

There are definitely minus 5 points for no helmet, minus 5 points for no seatbelts of any kind, and minus 5 points for being on open public roads. However, I have to award 12 points for the Eastern European redneck getup (no shirt +4, no pants +6, no proper shoes +2). There are plus 27 points for a homebuilt vehicle, plus 3 points for the unusual engine configuration. Another 7 points for dirt road dorifto and the video scores a healthy 34 on the Hoon-O-Meter.


So please congratulate driver Zsolt Farkas on his feat of hoonage.

(Hat tip to agrajag!)

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I knew it looked familiar:…

And V8 not W8, as per the previous link and the sound. Still epic though.