Mugen Readying Harder-Core Civic Type-RR For UK

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The wildly-styled UK Civic Type-R is already a phenomenal handling vehicle and with the emergence of a more raw JDM-only Civic Type-RR, the Brits are starting to feel a bit left out. Not for long.


According to Evo, Mugen will share some of the JDM components with the UKDM 3-door Type-R sometime next year. While already a quick little front-wheel-drive monster, the addition of a 237 horsepower 2.0-liter iVTEC inline-four should help push the spaztic little guy even further. Rather than add a ton of go-fast bits, Mugen will remove the rear seating, sound deadening and a few other features, while adding revised, lower and stiffer suspension, potential Brembo brakes, 18-inch forged wheels and lightweight Recaro buckets. All this in the name of going fast.

What's the reason for all this hoopla you ask? Well it seems that the RenaultSport Megane R26.R is a bit faster around the Bedford Autodrome West Circuit than the UKDM Civic Type-R's 1min29.3sec lap. Sounds like a new battle for hottest hatch will rage on come next year when the UKDM Mugen Civic Type-RR reveals its purposeful self. Now if we could just get them to release these cars in the States. [via EVO]


Spencer Williams

Take all that makeup off and ignore the jazz hands and its still a front wheel drive Civic.

Why spend money dressing up a hot dog when you can just buy a plain steak? Terrible analogy, I know.