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Honda Civic Mugen Type-RR, A Popular Choice For Pirates

Illustration for article titled Honda Civic Mugen Type-RR, A Popular Choice For Pirates

With only 300 examples planned and a Japan only audience, the Honda Civic Mugen Type-RR is a rare bird indeed. Somehow, those crazy Frenchmen over at Nihon Car managed to get their hands on one for a review of the 236 HP little beast. There are things we like and dislike about this car; foremost in the "like" category is the combination of an adjustable suspension, a 220 lb slimmer waistline, quicker steering ratio, and the guts to chuck the radio out the window.


On the "dislike" side, a measly 15 HP boost over the standard Type-R and no additional torque has us scratching our heads, as does the 100 MPH speed limiter. We're assuming since the cool new trend in Japan seems to be unlocking a performance car's true potential only at a racetrack, there's some sort of GPS enabled cheat code system for race days. Anyway, head on over for the full review and some nice video. [NihonCar]

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The Stevenson

Aren't Japan's police cars limited to a certain MPH as well? Tokyo Drift said so. It's got to be true if it is from a documentary!