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Mr. Ed Sells SVT Mustang Cobras To Generation X

Here's the situation: You're an ad executive for the Ford Motor Company in the mid-90s. Your goal is to sell the latest generation of V8 Mustangs to the apathetic, too-cool-for-school Generation X, a group now awash in money thanks to the awesome 90s economy. (Remember that?)


So you go out and find a beloved cultural icon who can speak to the youths of today. Someone who can make them put down their Oasis cassettes and run to the nearest Ford dealer. Someone edgy and relevant who has a reputation for saying whatever is on his mind. Your obvious choice is... um, Mr. Ed?

Sure, the ad is pretty cheesy. But what really blew me away was the specs on the 1996 SVT Cobra: 305 horsepower. Impressive for the day but the current V6 Mustang has as much power, and pretty much the same 0-to-60 and quarter-mile time, as the Cobra from 16 years ago — plus vastly better fuel economy. It's crazy how powerful modern engines have become.


So then if my math is correct, and it rarely is, the 2032 V6 Mustang will have 891 horsepower. I know that sounds dangerous, but it will be safer than the 2032 Mustang GT, which will have 1,485 horsepower and will kill anyone who drives it within minutes.

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I've driven a 97 model. Awful car. Just dreadful. I mean don't get me wrong. They are decent in their own way I guess. But compared to the Camaro I owned, it was just awful. Rides too high, suspension is too soft, gearbox is decent. Clutch is too light, brakes are in an eternal disagreement between the pads and rotors, horrendous interior, etc etc.

The only thing you could argue is the Camaro's interior wasn't much better in terms of quality (although I found it to be much more attractive), and the Mustang had a softer/smoother ride.

Although I am a bit biased lol