Illustration for article titled Mother Leaves Open Gas Cans Around House Because She Likes The Smell

Juliana Bryant, a mother of three from Florala, Alabama, was arrested for reckless endangerment after police discovered she'd been keeping open containers of gasoline scattered around the house because she "liked the smell."


Yes, petroleum products can have a nice aroma and it's not uncommon to find distillates like gasoline and diesel fuel pleasant, but anyone with a functioning brain knows they're very harmful when inhaled regularly. Prolonged exposure can lead to cognitive impairment, brain damage, and cancer which is why when an officer investigating a disturbance report at Ms. Bryant's home noticed open containers of gasoline scattered about, he questioned her about them. When she answered the were there because she liked the smell, that was the wrong answer. She was placed in custody and is facing three counts of reckless endangerment.

Between this story and the geniuses loading a Civic onto a U-Haul truck, we can't help but feel like Idiocracy is rapidly becoming non-fiction. [ via FARK]


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