Biggest Douche In Universe Shows Why You Never Load A Car On A U-Haul

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U-Haul's are designed for furniture and junk. They're not designed to transport Honda Civics. That didn't stop these brain surgeons from setting up a ramp and trying to make it happen. NSFW language.

This might be ten seconds of the most highly distilled stupidity ever to grace the internet.

"WHY DID YOU TURN?" It's the question, sans expletive, of the moment. Let's assume the young lady tasked with steering this mission of moronitude had kept the car on the straight and narrow, we suspect that somehow, just somehow this plan was flawed from the get-go.

First, A U-HAUL IS NOT DESIGNED FOR CARS. Second, U-Haul beds are quite tall, this one is in the neighborhood of three feet, even the burliest of guys and the truest of drivers would have a tough time beating this challenge.


Third, and we're not joking for any of this, the ramp consisted of a set of heavy duty plastic car ramps with a pair of folding ATV ramps bridging the gap to the floor of the truck — with those reinforced by some jack stands. None of these were restrained in even the most basic of manner. It doesn't matter if you've got four of your best sleeve-free bro's on hand, that's never, ever going to work. What we're working with here is highly enriched stupidity, be careful who you forward this video to as they may not be able to survive the stupid radiation.

The cherry on top, the absolute peach, is the outraged asshole, no doubt the owner who concocted this cheapskate's scheme for moving a car, who immediately starts yelling at the driver — why do we feel like it was either his sister or girlfriend — when she doesn't hit the ramps. In all actuality, her hitting the back of the truck was probably the best possible outcome in this shitstorm. We can imagine much, much worse things happening to that precious $2,500, non-running Civic as if falls from a height of three feet.


It's a rare occurrence, but the yeller in this extremely brief video might very well be in the running for biggest douche in the universe. Next time, try a tow dolly.